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Union Jobs are Better Jobs

Unionised workers enjoy better pay, better protection and better conditions. They are routinely consulted on changes in the workplace and have access to fair and established dispute resolution procedures.

All workers in Ireland are entitled to join a union, so join up now, its probably the best decision you will ever make.
All workers have the right to join a union if they so choose.

It is in your best interest to join one as research has shown that members within unionised workplaces receive better pay, conditions and benefits. As a result of union negotiations, members also receive above the minimum standards as set by Irish labour law.

Therefore joining a union is the best decision you can ever make as a worker. To find out more information about unions and what they can do for you please click the "All about unions" link on the left.

To apply for union membership, simply complete the form opposite. We will reply to you with details of the unions that organise in your trade or employment. You can then contact them directly. 

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