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Kilkenny Council of Trade Unions is the largest civil society organisation in the city and county of Kilkenny. Our members include people employed in manufacturing, construction, retail and service industries. We represent the interests of those employed in Local Authorities and the Heatlh Service. Our members include people employed in manufacturing, construction, retail and service industries, construction, retail, services, local authorities and the heatlh service. Our members include Teachers, Medical Doctors, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Communications Workers, Veterinary Surgeons, Actors, Musicians, Journalists, Shop Assistants, Clerical Workers, Craft Workers, Construction Industry Employees, Public Servants and staff employed by Credit Unions and other financial institutions and many many more.

We represent the interests of those without work and those unable to work through our involvement with Noreside Resource Centre for the Unemployed.

We are the local branch of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) which represents and campaigns on behalf of some 832,000 working people and their families..

Our Vision
We seek to achieve a just society - one which recognises the rights of all workers and citizens to enjoy the prosperity and fulfilment which leads to a good quality of life. Quality of life embraces not just material well-being, but freedom of choice to engage in the arts, culture and all aspects of civic life. This vision applies in the context of Ireland, Europe and the wider world and challenges the existing economic order.

Our Mission
We will strive to achieve economic development, social cohesion and justice by upholding the values of solidarity, fairness and equality. We stand for fairness at Work and Justice in Society.

Working Together.
We believe in the concept of a community working together. We encourage all workers to not only join a union but to become actively involved. We encourage all like minded civil society organisations to join with us in building a fair and just society.

National Minimum Wage Act 2000
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